Purity of Essence – The History of Pure Products USA

The pure products of America
go crazy —
William Carlos Williams

The original Bible Belt, 1992, ed. 45

In a country like this, Williams’ words almost seem prophetic. Those first lines of poet William Carlos Williams’ “To Elsie” are the essence of pure products.

Williams also said, “No ideas but in things” and that’s what our goal with this series has been – that each of these artworks possess a kernel of truth as brilliantly succinct as that line from Williams’ poem.

Contract of America underwear hit it out of the park. A simple undergarment became an metaphor and lightning rod for how vacuous and market driven politics had become by the mid-nineties.

Contract with America underwear, 1995 1st ed. 125, 2nd ed. 300

It really showed what the emperor’s new clothes were made of.

But we didn’t stop Pure products there.

We introduced the John Ashcroft snow globe, part of the W Collection (2001), on the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision making George W. Bush president.

Governor Chris Christie, at the time a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, gave one to Ashcroft as a gift. And he liked it so much, he bought one for himself.

The John Ashcroft Snow Globe (2001), ed. 125

With that, we launched Pure Products as the pureproductsusa website, designed by Diane Bertolo.

Pure Products USA website

Click image to see what Pure Products USA used to look like…

We followed that with the Homeland Security Nutrition Kit, transforming the terrorists’ threat color scheme into a super-charged MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) version of the happy meal.

Homeland Secutiry Nutrition Kit

Packing all the nutrition you’d need at any terror level with Democracy Enriched H2O, Rumsfeld’s Liberty Spread Peanut Butter, and a Bible Bar Energy Snack in a state of the art, styrofoam clamshell case.

Bible Bar Energy Snack – a great readymade

The rest… is history…




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