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Political pure products are the heart and soul of Pure Products USA. We started Pure Products USA in 1992 with the Bible Belt. We followed that with Contract with America underwear - the world's first political underwear ever! The Line Up mugshot postcard book followed. 

Each of our political pure products launched garnered much attention in the media. Some even spawned lawsuits. Political pure products are limited editions.



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Political Pure Products USA FAQ

What are political pure products?

Pure Products of America is a series of artworks by Ligorano Reese featuring various American consumer products.

The duo creates these pieces to explore and comment on American consumer culture, branding, and the impact of mass-produced items on society.

Each artwork in the series typically represents a specific product in a thought-provoking and sometimes satirical way.

What's the story behind Line Up?

Ligorano Reese's "Line Up" is a collection of Bush Administration officials as mug shots. Line Up is a provocative art project created as a commentary about when members of Bush's cabinet misled the American public. The project involves a series of satirical "mug shots" of key figures from the Bush administration.

Ligorano Reese's Line Up was published as a postcard book and as a signed limited edition. The New York Public Library acquired the first portfolio. When the Library exhibited the prints in 2007, it caused mountains of controversy on FoxNews and conservative websites.

What's the story behind Tears from the American Dream?

Ligorano Reese's Tears from The American Dream is a limited edition of melted water from the artists ice sculpture The American Dream Project.

Ligorano Reese distilled water from the ice sculptures and bottled it. The water melted from the ice sculptures that were installed at the Republican and Democratic Conventions in 2016.

What's the story behind Contract with America underwear?

Ligorano Reese's Contract with America underwear was the second Pure Product.

Contract with America is a signed and numbered edition. Newt Gingrich is silkscreened on the crotch and the Republican talking points were silkscreened on the seat.

The Republican National Committee threatened the artists with copyright infringement over the use of the Contract in underwear.