SOS Dress For Distress American Flag Pin


SOS Dress For Distress American Flag Pin is the perfect lapel accessory in these times of political turmoil.

Gold-plated enamel pin.

Why a Dress for Distress American flag pin?

In these distressing times, with conservative congressional renegades and one bad Supreme Court decision after the next, we knew we had a readymade symbol when former press secretary Sean Spicer addressed the press with his lapel flag pinned upside down on his suit.

Talk about a Freudian slip! 

These upside-down flag pins look like they're waving gently in the wind.

But times like these are far from gentle. 

Second edition of enameled metal pins available now.

Gold-plated enamel pin.

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Measures: 7/8 x 1 inch, butterfly pin back.

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***Size in photo not to scale***